If you need to make an impression, our high-end Korinto coffee machine is a conduit for firing off the mind and boosting creativity. It’s our best office coffee machine. Install one in your meeting or large boardroom, where all the big ideas are hatched. Packed with fresh beans and milk, it’s the ultimate in luxury coffee convenience when you need to meet and motivate large groups or small.

Korinto The Best Office Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Features

100 cup daily capacity
Size: Height 715mm, Width 331mm, Depth: 528mm, Weight: 32kgs
Requires separate milk fridge


Coffee Type: Beans
Milk Type: Fresh

Practical and sleek, this Italian fresh milk unit can serve a variety of coffee-based drinks as well as hot chocolate at the push of a button.

Korinto is our best office coffee machine, designed to service small to medium-sized offices, hotels, clubs or restaurants, operated easily either by a staff member or self-service.

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Life's too short to work and drink bad coffee

Cafe Direct’s beans are roasted locally in Avondale, Auckland. Treat your collegues and yourself with only the finest!

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