The office lunchroom and kitchen, can be a real-life social network. Where staff can get together and re-energize over a shared coffee break.   Just add our Jura coffee machine into this environment and wait for the magic to happen. Ideal for that mid-sized workplace to create that office blend. It’s cool to converse over coffee.

Jura Machine


150 cup daily capacity
4 or 5 product canisters
Size: Height 750mm, Width 410mm, Depth: 490mm
Optional base cabinet


Coffee Type: Fresh Bean
Milk Type: Fresh


Flash and small in design, this machine is perfect for the office. Great tasting coffee at the push of a button. The Jura is a classy machine from the home of Coffee.

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Life's too short to work and drink bad coffee

Cafe Direct’s beans are roasted locally in Avondale, Auckland. Treat your collegues and yourself with only the finest!

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