If you’ve been searching for a coffee solution for your workplace, you’ll find an automatic coffee machine to suit from Cafe Direct. From deluxe high-end automatic coffee machines for bustling corporate offices, to the beverage workhouse for the factory floor. No matter your working environment we’ve got coffee machines to match your staff’s coffee needs perfectly every time!

Our Range

Colibri Espresso Push Button Coffee Machine

Grind coffee beans to make the perfect espresso, quickly and conveniently every time!


Ultra Instant Coffee Machine for Office Use

Small and compact, the Ultra is the perfect solution for cafeteria’s requiring fast output.


San Remo Workplace Coffee Machine

For the large workplace, the San Remo dispenses quality instant coffee and beverages at the touch of a button.


Krea Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Brand new from Italy. The Krea is a reliable fully automatic coffee and hot beverage machine. With an array of different beverage choices…


Jura Machine

Flash and small in design, this machine is perfect for the office. Great tasting coffee at the push of a button.


Korinto Machine – the best office coffee machine

Practical and sleek, this Italian fresh milk unit can serve a variety of coffee-based drinks as well as hot chocolate at the push of a button.


Life's too short to work and drink bad coffee

Cafe Direct’s beans are roasted locally in Avondale, Auckland. Treat your collegues and yourself with only the finest!

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