WITH Coffee

The only daily grind you want at work are simple-to-use Cafe Direct office coffee machines making you fresh cups of coffee.

Meeting Room Coffee

If you need to make an impression, our high-end Korinto coffee machine is a conduit for firing off the mind and boosting creativity. Install one in your meeting or large boardroom, where all the big ideas are hatched. Packed with fresh beans and milk, it’s the ultimate in luxury coffee convenience when you need to meet and motivate large groups or small.

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Office Kitchen Coffee

The office lunchroom and kitchen, can be a real-life social network. Where staff can get together and re-energize over a shared coffee break.   Just add our Jura coffee machine into this environment and wait for the magic to happen. Office coffee machines that are ideal for that mid-sized workplace to create that office blend. It’s cool to converse over coffee.

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Waiting Room Coffee

Waiting rooms and reception areas can be awkward places at the best of times. Whether it’s on the building site, at the hospital or even at the Salon. Problem solved. Set people at ease with the option of fresh coffee with our Krea machine. Just the tonic for customers to pass the time as they relax, stir and enjoy a hot coffee while they wait.

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Staff Cafeteria Coffee

If your employees are working hard they always look forward to taking a break with colleagues over a cup of coffee.  Uptime their productivity with a downtime coffee boost from a San Remo machine. Perfectly suited for building sites, factories and warehouses. Where those large teams need a boost pick me up any time of day or night from the staff cafeteria.

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Compact Office Coffee

It’s been said that good things come in smaller packages. And our Vitale S machine delivers coffee that’s big on taste from a small office coffee machine. The coffee solution for cosier offices that move to the energetic beat of their own coffee drum.  The perfect home for this compact cafe.

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Quick Office Espresso

Fans of espresso coffee rejoice! No matter what the working day brings, there’s always enough time to add in quick cuppa to get things going again from our Colibri Espresso machine.  For small to medium size work places that are always pushing the go button.

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Life's too short to work and drink bad coffee

Cafe Direct’s beans are roasted locally in Avondale, Auckland. Treat your collegues and yourself with only the finest!

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