Our Office Coffee Machine Range


Coffee…it’s one of those words that really does sound as good as it tastes. Maybe it’s the comforting aroma, the sound of beans grinding, or the anticipation of having that first delicious, energising sip.

Whatever your reason for coffee, Café Direct is here to provide you with it, fresh and piping hot every day. Just choose an office coffee machine from our extensive range and no matter where you are in New Zealand, Cafe Direct will have your coffee covered.

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Schaerer Prime Fresh Bean Coffee Machine

With an automated cleaning program, this is the ideal office coffee machine for those looking for both a fresh bean and fresh milk solution.

Rancilio Barista Machine

Ideal for the inner-city office, the Rancilio Barista Machine comes in a variety of sizes based on your needs. The Rancilio Barista is a coffee machine that transforms basic essentials and elegance into distinctive personality traits. Easy to use, and extremely reliable.

Krea Fresh Bean Automatic Coffee Machine

Perfect for small to medium sized workplaces, the Krea Fresh Bean is a reliable hot beverage producer. With an array of different beverage choices, LED lighting, total flush capability, this fully automatic coffee machine for the office does it all. Uses milk powder and fresh beans. Available in bench top or floor standing version.

Krea Instant Automatic Coffee Machine

Suited for small to medium sized businesses, the Krea Instant is a more affordable option that uses instant coffee and whitener. Available in bench top or floor standing version.

Karisma Coffee Machine

The automatic Karisma coffee machine delivers you a great tasting coffee each and every time. Elegantly designed with precision engineering you will be sure to have consistently perfect espressos with the option of steamed or frothed milk.

Opera Instant Coffee Machine

The Opera vending machine completes our range dedicated to medium to large office spaces. Perfect when workers demand quality coffee in every cup.

Kalea Machine

Kalea is a newly developed automatic coffee machine built with small/medium offices in mind. It’s easy to use with a self-serve mode, and uses coffee beans and fresh milk. Well priced for its functionality.

Korinto Prime Office Coffee Machine

Korinto is the office coffee machine designed to service small to medium-sized offices, hotels, clubs or restaurants. It’s operated easily by either a staff member or self-service.

Practical and sleek, this Italian fresh milk unit can serve a variety of coffee-based drinks as well as hot chocolate at the push of a button.


Cafe Direct’s beans are roasted locally in Avondale, Auckland. Treat your colleagues and yourself with only the finest!
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