If your employees are working hard they always look forward to taking a break with colleagues over a cup of coffee.  Uptime their productivity with a downtime coffee boost from a San Remo workplace coffee machine. Perfectly suited for building sites, factories and warehouses. Where those large teams need a boost pick me up any time of day or night from the staff cafeteria.

San Remo Workplace Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine Features

400 cup daily capacity
Holds enough ingredients for 500 drinks
Size: Height 1850mm, Width 700mm, Depth: 670mm, Weight 180kg


Coffee Type: Instant vending coffee
Milk Type: Topping or Whitener

For the large workplace, the San Remo workplace coffee machine dispenses quality instant coffee and beverages at the touch of a button.

Featuring an easy-to-use ATM style selection panel with selectable strength for milk, sugar and coffee, the San Remo can serve tea and soup as well as  coffee and hot chocolate.

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Life's too short to work and drink bad coffee

Cafe Direct’s beans are roasted locally in Avondale, Auckland. Treat your collegues and yourself with only the finest!

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